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GitLab CI training

1 days

Training in Hungarian

You would like to complete the training in Hungarian? No problem. Find our Hungarian information on the designated page.

Hungarian Version

Summary of the course

Length of the course: 1 days

The course can be perfect choice for professionals with a DevOps mindset to automate every important part of a release process in a transparent, auditable way. Such an approach can greatly mitigate human-related errors and can produce solutions that are shareable, reusable and lead to greater employee and client satisfaction.

During the training, we will discuss in detail the Continuous Integration part of GitLab that is one of the most popular CI solutions nowadays and a truly great system to optimize feature integrations into existing code bases, package the newly created versions and share these for different clients and environments.

We introduce many useful features with lots of demos that will be readily available for you to support your CI automation journey.

The Instructors

Dávid Szabó, PhD

Dávid has recently finished his PhD in telecommunication at the Budapest University of Technology. Since he also finished the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Doctoral School organized by EIT Digital, he decided to switch into business and co-found LeanNet together with Péter. Dávid has extensive knowledge in the field of cloud native applications. He was involved in several Hungarian and international projects and supported the design and implementation process of such applications including software architecture, CICD pipelines and cloud infrastructure creation.

david szabo

Péter Megyesi, PhD

Péter has BSc and MSc in electrical engineering, and a PhD in computer science, all received at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He also graduated in the EIT Digital Doctoral School on Innovation & Entrepreneurship. In 2018 he co-founded LeanNet with Dávid Szabó, a deep tech company focused on Cloud Native technologies. LeanNet was acquired by adesso SE in 2020, so now he works as a Cloud Native architect at adesso Hungary. Péter is a regular presenter at local IT conferences and meetups in related topics. He also serves as an instructor for various Cloud Native trainings, such as Kubernetes, Docker, Azure cloud and modern CI/CD.

peter megyesi

Course outline

1. The big picture
  • Motivation behind CI/CD/CD
  • Structure of a typical pipeline
2. Continuous integration:
  • CI system generations
  • GitLab CI:
  • Types of runners
  • Exercise: install your own runner
  • The structure of gitlab-ci.yml
  • Exercise: build a basic pipeline
  • Environment variables
  • Caching
  • Triggers
  • Dependencies
  • Using GitLab registry
  • Preview environments
3. Basics of testing, the test pyramid and GitLab CI support for that:
  • Unit tests
  • Module/service tests
  • Integration tests
  • UI tests
  • Performance tests

Who is it for

Developers, system administrators and DevOps professionals who want to learn the concepts and usage of GitLab CI in on-prem or in cloud-native environments and want to be able to create pipelines with it.


Basic Linux system admin and Git knowledge, some experience in software development (in any programming or scripting language).

Application / Inquiry

Would you like to apply or do you have questions about our trainings? Please contact us by clicking the below button. We look forward to talking to you in person.


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