Kubernetes advanced training

4 days, 32 hours training

Training in Hungarian

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Summary of the course

Length of the course: 4 days

The course can be perfect choice for professionals who have been using Kubernetes for testing purposes for some time and already have general knowledge about it.

During the training, we will discuss in detail Kubernetes-specific topics, which usually come up once we put the Kubernetes into operation as a production system. This is usually the point where the focus is shifted from testing towards more strict requirements and supporting wide range of development and operation requests. We also take a look at open-source solutions and projects that can work in synergy with Kubernetes and can cover critical tasks.

The Instructors

Dávid Szabó, PhD

Dávid has recently finished his PhD in telecommunication at the Budapest University of Technology. Since he also finished the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Doctoral School organized by EIT Digital, he decided to switch into business and co-found LeanNet together with Péter. Dávid has extensive knowledge in the field of cloud native applications. He was involved in several Hungarian and international projects and supported the design and implementation process of such applications including software architecture, CICD pipelines and cloud infrastructure creation.

david szabo

Péter Megyesi, PhD

Péter has BSc and MSc in electrical engineering, and a PhD in computer science, all received at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He also graduated in the EIT Digital Doctoral School on Innovation & Entrepreneurship. In 2018 he co-founded LeanNet with Dávid Szabó, a deep tech company focused on Cloud Native technologies. LeanNet was acquired by adesso SE in 2020, so now he works as a Cloud Native architect at adesso Hungary. Péter is a regular presenter at local IT conferences and meetups in related topics. He also serves as an instructor for various Cloud Native trainings, such as Kubernetes, Docker, Azure cloud and modern CI/CD.

peter megyesi

Course outline

1: Advanced cluster operation:
  • Scaling in on-prem and cloud environments
  • Node errors and traffic routing
  • Multi-cluster deployment in on-prem, hybrid and cloud environments
  • Cluster version upgrade in on-prem and cloud environments
2: Helm: package handling in Kubernetes
  • What is Helm good for?
  • Chart creation
  • Official charts and own charts
  • Helm hooks
  • Go templating
  • Dependency handling
  • Helm and / or Kustomize?
3: Using and Creating Operators
  • What good is the operator?
  • Official Governor operators, e.g. mysql, mongoDB
  • How to create your own operator (BASH, Python, Go examples)?
4: Handling Sensitive Information
  • Basic concepts and design issues
  • HashiCorp Vault
  • Sealed Secret
  • Mozilla SOPS
5: CI/CD, IaaC in a Kubernetes environment
  • CI/CD fundamentals
  • Infrastructure as a Code
  • GitOps: GitLab, Flux, Helm
  • Terraform fundamentals
6: Release Strategies
  • Kubernetes native release strategies
  • Rolling update
  • Blue-green release solutions and their features
  • Canary release implementation with service mesh
7: Access and Privilege Control in Kubernetes
  • Overview of Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Create User and Service accounts
  • Bearer token
  • Kubeconfig file
  • Integration
8: Cluster Monitoring
  • Prometheus
  • Individually defined metrics
  • Prometheus operator
  • Alerting
  • Log collection

Who is it for

Recommended for infrastructure/operation engineers and developers who are interested in the DevOps concept.


The training requires general knowledge of the architecture and the basic objects of Kubernetes, general web networking (eg TCP / IP protocol stack, HTTP) and basic programming knowledge (in any language), as well as some basic Linux knowledge (Bash).

Application / Inquiry

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