Increased efficiency through improved data management

adesso helps you comply with regulatory requirements – for example, within the framework of data protection laws, Basel III or Solvency II – and introduce uniform standards when it comes to data storage. We enable you to improve your effectiveness and efficiency by improving your data management process.

Data integration

We integrate your data – whether it is structured or unstructured – from different sources and prepare it for effective processing. You will benefit from the cross-industry expertise of our data engineers. We implement data management processes for your structured and unstructured data.

Data quality

We understand that data is a valuable asset and ensure adequate data quality by establishing specific rules.

Master data management

Our experts will adapt the master data management process to your specific and individual requirements. We support the full data life cycle, from initial creation through to archiving. This increases the efficiency of your business processes and enables you to gain a huge competitive advantage over your competitors.

Data virtualisation

We take over the handling of various source systems, whether it is an RDBMS, a cloud system or Hadoop. We organise your structured and unstructured data and develop an abstract layer as a basis for reporting.

Data modelling

Based on your requirements, we model an individual solution that is tailored to your needs and develop a conceptual, logical and physical data model for you.

Do you have any questions?

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