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Our ten commandments for beating the proof of concept nightmare and ensuring that AI projects are a success

There is a sense of euphoria at the start, and it is usually huge. Expectations reach unimaginable heights before an AI project begins, then disillusionment sets in as the weeks and months pass by. The end result is not the hoped-for revolutionary improvement to your own processes or brilliant new service idea, but a proof of concept (PoC). This evaluation shows what is possible and quickly reaches a state in which many AI initiatives remain forever: stuck in the PoC nightmare. The project fails as it moves from “this is possible” to “this is productive and earns money” – not because the developed AI solution does not work, but because those responsible have paid too little attention to some peculiarities and challenges typical of AI. In order to avoid the PoC nightmare, the IT service provider adesso believes companies should pay attention to these ten points:


adesso records successful first half of 2019 with strong organic growth and high licensing revenues

adesso AG has confirmed its investment- and growth-oriented sales and earnings forecast for 2019 with the publication of its half-year report. The adesso Group increased sales in the first half of 2019 by 20 % year on year to a new half-year record of EUR 213.3 million. The vast majority of this growth came organically. High licensing revenues in the second quarter involving in|sure products for companies in the insurance sector were able to compensate for growth- and market-related earnings declines in services business.

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