Remote Interaction Room

Of distributed work and joint successes


Understanding one another is - as simple as it sounds - the key to successful projects. It doesn't matter whether you have to react immediately to an emergency situation, want to improve processes in the short term or are thinking about digitalisation opportunities in the midterm: In the dynamics of personal exchange, problems dissolve and new ideas emerge. However, the cooperation between different departments and the IT department is often characterised by a lack of understanding and comprehension. The Remote Interaction Room (Remote IR) is a concept that compensates for the differences between departments, channels the dynamics and delivers quickly usable results. A well elaborated workshop concept and the use of modern IT tools ensure that working together on a task is not a question of a common room. The Remote Interaction Room was developed so that project participants can work from anywhere. Just as if they were standing together in a workshop room and sketching ideas on whiteboards.


The project participants must understand each other, despite all departmental differences. Understanding will lead to leaner projects and faster results. The Remote IR was developed for this purpose: In it, the team works on an equal footing and on common solutions - without necessarily being in a physical room.

The Remote IR is a virtual workshop environment. The concept relies on a number of modern online tools such as Microsoft Teams, Microsoft OneNote or the business process modeling tool Cawemo and simple rules of the game. With the help of these tools, the project participants jointly visualise processes on "whiteboards" and present project details. The team works together in coordination rounds to find solutions for the central topics and issues of a project. This is visualised by assigning symbols to individual aspects of the project.

Subsequently, the moderator transfers the results of the workshop into a linked documentation, prepares it and makes it available to all participants.


  • Preliminary talk about objectives and clarification of the organisational and technical requirements. adesso can provide all collaboration tools. We recommend the individual adaptation to the concrete project situation.
  • Conducting a one-day workshop in two blocks of four hours each with up to seven project members and two adesso consultants.
  • Documentation of the results. Usually, individual discussions with selected participants are useful to clarify or intensify details. The project team is invited to accompany the documentation continuously, to check it and to actively participate.
  • Presentation of the results and discussion in a web conference

The two adesso consultants host the workshop and provide the necessary technical and methodical knowledge. Afterwards they work out the result document and coordinate it with the client.

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Speed is essential. And accuracy. Together with you, we implement measures that help acutely and are sustainable in the long term. Our experts will contact you immediately.

Do you have any questions?

Speed is essential. And accuracy. Together with you, we implement measures that help acutely and are sustainable in the long term. Our experts will contact you immediately.


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