Mobility is about the networking of systems – an area in which we have 20 years of experience

Are matters such as e-mobility, connected car technology and in-car infotainment at the top of your agenda, too? Are you looking for ways of establishing new services and business models at the areas of intersection between information technology and mobility? Our specialists have just the expertise you need for addressing these matters. Over the course of numerous projects, we have already helped automotive companies to develop new products and new mobility concepts. This has included designing the strategic course as well as developing and operating applications.

During these projects, our clients not only benefit from our automotive expertise but also from our professional, technological and methodological experience. We have amassed this experience on projects for a diverse range of sectors and company sizes – from startups to DAX-listed companies.

Cars, networking and business models

Your customers lay down the new line of approach for the topic mobility: more networking, more integration are important. The digital components become more decisive for acceptance of your proposals. In many sections the development is still in the early stages.

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Processes, innovation and bridges

Your customers and partners already rely on digital processes in many sections. They expect this from you as well - this development towards more digitalisation is supposed to be reflected in your proposals. This is your chance to link closer to your customers and partners by a sophisticated portal strategy.

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Digital business models and tangible opportunities

The source of new business models lies in your data and processes. Telematics platforms is a particularly promising approach. Those platforms allow you to improve business processes respectively models and procedures only by cross-linking different devices, mixed with personal data and services.

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Planning, flexibility and certainty

The "mechanical world" of automotive manufacturing is getting coated by a digital layer of portals, apps or services. This means different requirements with regards to the rhythm of new functions and updates. If you want to keep the pace, you need to deal with agile software development methods.

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Budgets, flexibility and pricing models

The advantage of agile development - at least from the project members' perspective - is the possibility to withdraw or add functions late in the project. Commodity managers, financial controller or project managers see things differently. They want predictable and reliably budgeted projects. Methods, which spread the risk on both parties, may resolve the conflict and and make agility assessable.

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Artificial Intelligence is the drive behind mobility

Data on customers, vehicles and production processes is the key to the business models of tomorrow. These use cases demonstrate how artificial intelligence has already become a reality for many companies in the automotive industry.

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