Data management

Exploit competitive advantages with the right data


Successful data management is essential for data-driven business models and artificial intelligence (AI). You can only exploit your competitive advantage if the corresponding data is available, the data quality is suitable and manual work is kept to a minimum. With our comprehensive data management services, we support you throughout the entire project lifecycle to keep you on track right from the start.

Data is the most important resource for successful data analytics projects. You may have all kinds of data (transactions, sensors, scanners, log files) in your company. This data only becomes valuable if it is easily accessible, consistent and clean. This is exactly where the major challenges lie, given that:

  • 47 per cent of organisations have data integrity issues
  • 80 per cent of analysts are involved in data preparation during their working hours
  • 55 per cent of company data is not available

These problems can only be solved with a comprehensive data management concept. From data access to complete operationalisation, adesso can provide you with traditional data warehouse solutions, modern solutions for data virtualisation and data lake solutions.

Data quality

Analysts, decision-makers and data scientists need data they can trust. Only with a strategic data quality concept can data be used with any degree of correctness, relevance, reliability and consistency.

Master data management

A uniform view of customers is a significant competitive advantage and a logical consequence for data-driven companies. Successful master data management provides a uniform view of customers, products, suppliers and other business-relevant objects. This allows the best possible solution to be developed, resulting in an increase in sales.

Data virtualisation

It takes a certain amount of time for new data sources to be connected and made available to the specialist department. Data virtualisation makes long waiting times a thing of the past as it offers companies real-time access to numerous data sources and increases flexibility and the go-to-market concept within a modern data warehouse architecture.

Data warehousing

Is your traditional data warehouse too inflexible? Our experts guide you along on your way to a modern, scalable and future-proof data warehouse.


adesso holds comprehensive architecture workshops that help companies understand how data management in the cloud works, whether a Hadoop-based system can help achieve targets or how to get started with Data Vault.


What are your information needs and can you meet them today? We can explore these questions together with you in an interactive workshop. Our BI experts work with you to identify the current status of your BI platform in terms of evaluation options and establish the relationships between information requirements, business objects, data and systems. We prioritise the identified information needs together with you, forming the basis for successful implementation.

adesso has developed its own workshop format for determining the current status of BI platforms. The Interaction Room: business intelligence (IR:bi) is a room that can be physically entered, where all relevant stakeholders, such as specialist departments, IT and management, come together and develop a common understanding of the current situation. This is achieved by visualising relationships on describable maps (canvases), which are developed in the Interaction Room.

This approach ensures that any progress made remains transparent for all stakeholders. Guided by our Interaction Room coaches, all the participants work together using pragmatic models to develop the relevant project content: information needs, business objects, systems and data.

The canvases are processed iteratively and then prioritised, starting with the survey of information needs (features). For each feature, the associated business objects, the source and target systems and the dependencies on other features are then worked out and cost and value drivers are determined.

Throughout the workshop, the Interaction Room coaches advise and guide the group of stakeholders, bringing the knowledge of the participants to the fore and enabling them to achieve the best possible result. After the last iteration – the canvas processing – the next action steps can be derived, which establish the basis for successful implementation.

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