Business Continuity Management

Business will continue - together we identify critical processes

So you have better control of risks in every situation

The effects of the crisis are currently affecting every company across all industries. Those responsible have to change processes overnight, employees are absent, people are changing their consumption habits. Business Continuity Management (BCM) supports you in preparing yourself to identify risks, to react quickly in the acute situation and to quickly overcome the effects after the crisis.

BCM activities revolve around four core aspects: People, buildings, process and technology. A central theme is the preparation for possible crises and the testing of processes and systems.

But even in the acute situation, companies can take measures to cushion the impact. Our experts offer you predefined checks that give you an overview of your individual risks in a short time. And knowing the risks is the first step towards reducing them.

BCM Home Office Check

We will check your home office infrastructure and measures at short notice. With the help of standard checklists and telephone interviews, our experts determine your current situation. On this basis, they make recommendations for safer processes and better procedures.

BCM-penetrationtest -check

More home office means more external access to your systems. With all the risks that come with it. Our team scans externally accessible systems using tools like Nessus or Qualys. The results are the basis for proposals to increase security.

In addition to these acute measures, we also offer you fundamental analyses of your organization. This includes, for example, a detailed review of your processes or an analysis of your digitalisation and automation potential.

Within a few days, we develop concrete recommendations for action that will help you in the short term and ensure more stable processes in the long term.

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Speed is essential. And accuracy. Together with you, we implement measures that help acutely and are sustainable in the long term. Our experts will contact you immediately.

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