Telematics platforms

Digital business models and tangible opportunities

You expand the possibilities of your company by connecting data, devices and customers. Together we devevlop new business models through networking of devices, personal data and services as well as external services.

New insights into your processes

New business models can originate from your data and your processes. With respect to new business models, the area of telematics platforms is particularly promising. These platforms network various devices and, when accompanied by personalised data and services - which have to compliant with data privacy - as well as external services such as weather- or geo location services, they enable you to establish new business processes or models and to improve existing workflows. Optimise your fleet management, offer your customers new pay-as-you-drive tariffs or.

Developing your platform quickly

We work with you to develop innovative, pragmatic solutions that suit your specific circumstances. Our experts know what to take into consideration with these kinds of projects. They understand customer and partner requirements and have mastered all of the key technologies involved in building your telematics platform. We ensure that you can deploy your solution quickly and operate it securely – this has been the experience of numerous adesso clients.

We cover the whole range of activities for the development and implementation of telematics platforms, including analysing customer requirements by using methods such as design thinking and the Interaction Room, offering advice for selecting the most appropriate technology, developing the telematics platform, integrating your backend systems or cloud computing provider and operating the whole platform. You can obtain all of the services you need from one single provider.

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