Reducing costs

Cleaning up, saving and digitalising

For decision-makers at banks, cost pressure is nothing new. The situation is being further intensified, however, by continuously low interest rates and the increase in regulatory requirements. Nevertheless, your task it to provide a flexible infrastructure and modern applications, which are to provide a foundation for the development of a modern business strategy. You can free up the necessary budgetary resources by cleaning up and simplifying your existing IT platform.

Simplify to save

At many banks, our experts come across the following situation: In the past, financial firms built applications and infrastructure very quickly. Consistently removing components that were not used or barely used was of secondary importance. Banks are often operating complex IT platforms with numerous components that are not actually needed. These components serve only to generate ongoing costs and they result in additional work when implementing the latest compliance guidelines and maintenance requirements.

If you are in a similar situation, adesso offers you a proven approach to simplify your IT platform. Our experts eliminate or migrate superfluous and unsustainable components. Structured proofs of savings in your banking system round off the activities and ensure measurable and meaningful reports or results. In the end, you will work with a lean system with which you can implement strategic topics more easily and cost-effectively.

This is how we approach the issue:

We have worked on a variety of similar projects, which has enabled us to develop an approach that involves working together with you to quickly and systematically identify the potential of your IT systems. To do this, we deploy a wide range of means to clean up the portfolio of applications, rationalise the infrastructure and optimise the sourcing strategies.

All of the pre-existing and new opportunities are specified and at the end of the process, they are evaluated using business cases from your specialist departments and IT team. A key element of the service we offer is the systematic way we follow through with and provide support for any measures that are defined. We round off our services in this area by providing structured evidence of the savings made in the banking system. You will receive quantifiable and informative results and reports, which will enable you to account for every last penny of the successful project:

Our approach:

  • Using a cost-benefit analysis (heat map) to prioritise potential cost savings
  • Simplifying and streamlining the IT platform
  • Reducing ongoing costs
  • Reducing the work required for maintenance and compliance
  • Increasing the transparency of your IT platform

In this way, you can improve your starting point for embarking on other activities, such as pursuing digital transformation.

Online banking system OBS - the solution of your core business processes

The core banking system Online Banking System OBS of DIE SOFTWARE Peter Fitzon GmbH is an established product that supports banks in their core business processes. OBS is a fully integrated, modular banking solution which covers banking-specific processes and involved services from account management to securities business. It is used by renowned German and international banks. Since beginning of 2017 DIE SOFTWARE and adesso pool their strengths to be able to offer you a complete package for your core business processes.

The system OBS has a well-structured and standardised integration architecture. The solution can easily be integrated in existing IT infrastructures and linked with partners. The technical and professional complexity is enclosed and is provided as performant and realiable platform for implemenation of product- and customer-specific demands.

Your advantages:

  • You only get those OBS functions that you currently need for your business.
  • You are able to combine single functions if needed and economically reasonable.
  • You are able to define the behaviour of single OBS functions mostly via parameters and a set of rules.
  • We time the deployment of new or changed software components with you.

aCBS – adesso Core Bausparkassen Solution

aCBS is your basis for sustainable reduction of costs and exhaustion of innovation potential. The modular, object-oriented development in Java-technology offers great cost benefits in the quick implementation of regulatory requirements and new products. The workshops offer the potential for lean professional processes. An efficient multi-channel architecture offers an easy integration in portals and partners as well. We developed aCBS together with a German building association, the system is productive since 2008.

Your advantages as a user:

  • Consistent, historic data storage of all business transactions - including document and booking data in real time
  • Consistent working interface for consultants
  • Multi-channel architecture and integration of existing and new channels by standard interfaces
  • Central control and end-to-end-mapping of all processes of a buidling association by a central server architecture
  • Central approach and central dealing with regulatory information for all topics related to regulation

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