Digital transformation

Change, technology and implementation

Creating new lines of business, selecting the right technology and deploying the right implementation methods – these are the demands being placed on you and your team by digital transformation. In the face of the fundamental changes that are currently taking place in the financial sector, it is not easy to meet these demands. Many financial services providers are entrusting adesso with the development and implementation of strategies. Our experts have the necessary industry-specific knowledge and IT expertise, which means we can assist you as you build your digital future.

Rethinking banks

Is your bank among the many banks awaiting fundamental transformation? Financial firms are currently experiencing the way that markets and customer requirements are changing. These businesses are also experiencing the implications of these changes for technology and IT. The requested turnaround times for projects are becoming increasingly rapid, while the requirements for simplicity and design are growing and growing. You need to create something new while maintaining the existing trust that your customers have, which relates to the reliability and security of your services. Your task is to manage the cultural change associated with digital transformation, while also delivering usable results.

When tackling the issue of digital transformation in the financial sector, our experts take a pragmatic and agile approach. At the same time, they also bear in mind the regulatory and technical requirements. We combine our understanding of the latest technology with wide-ranging expertise in the fields of banking, savings banks and fintech. Our developers introduce the traditional world of banking to the approaches used by startups. These approaches include SOA, microservices, SPA, COBOL, Microsoft and Java technologies and the Netflix and Facebook web stacks.

You can rely on us

Our experts have already advised numerous financial institutions on these and similar topics:

  • Digitization strategies
  • Omni-Channel portals
  • Digital platforms
  • App development
  • Commitment banking
  • New Branch Banking
  • API banking
  • Big Data
  • Cloud applications

Our methods and competencies

In our projects we draw on an extensive set of different instruments:

  • Design Thinking and Interaction Room, for example to Rapid Scoping
  • Tame agility for fast customer- and value-oriented implementation in a regulated environment
  • Integration of solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Backbase, Crealogix, Liferay and Axway
  • Smart-Shore models

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Your customers and partners already rely on digital processes in many sections. They expect this from you as well - this development towards more digitalisation is supposed to be reflected in your proposals. This is your chance to link closer to your customers and partners by a sophisticated portal strategy. Together we create a single point of contact which will be the key element of your interaction with your customers. You are able to adjust which information, services and new offers will be published. A consistent concept, from development of content to surface design and user guidance to technical implementation, means great acceptance of your portal.

Your task is to keep pace with the digital era, which is in a state of constant acceleration. An essential prerequisite for doing so is a unified digital landscape that integrates information and communication. This not only requires the technological integration of individual components but also calls for financial data, content and assets to be combined in a sustainable, user-friendly way.

We have the people, processes and tools required for your company’s digital development. We draw on our experience of creating and operating more than 500 finance sector websites.

‘smarthouse one – the financial solution’ aggregates, processes, delivers and monitors financial data, content and assets. We provide a one-stop service that includes analysis, planning and conception as well as design, development and operation. Banks, online brokers, media portals, investment companies and financial services providers from more than 25 countries are choosing our online consultancy and our solutions for the finance sector.

Fintechs are introducing new financial technologies that are revolutionising your sector. This development calls on you to re-evaluate your established business processes and divisions. New technologies present you with opportunities to alter your business divisions, expand your own innovative potential and enter into new partnerships.

Our experts work with you to analyse your specific situation in detail. On the basis of this analysis, they put together action recommendations. These include:

  • Mapping the organisation and all of its interfaces
  • Applying new, innovative and agile business models to traditional, established corporate structures
  • Introducing expertise from the world of startups in order to develop alternative ideas and innovative approaches

A3A Strategy Consulting - an independent strategy and management consulting company of the adesso Group - deals with this kind of problems.

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For planning, implementing and operating mobile solutions, a different approach is required. The goal should be to determine your customers’ exact requirements and then to satisfy these requirements by providing secure access to high-performance processes and functions via mobile devices. Our business analysts and consultants work together with you to create mobile solutions that perfectly match your requirements. Some of the aspects considered include:

  • Identifying opportunities
  • Assessing the suitability of existing processes for mobile solutions
  • Optimising existing processes for mobile solutions
  • Designing mobile-only processes

When designing mobile processes, we partner with you to develop the information architecture and the necessary interaction design. Once the suitable processes have been identified and the requirements have been defined, our requirements engineers begin their structured workflows. This allows us to take mobile-specific constraints and risks into consideration at an early stage.

Are you also finding that more customers are accessing services from their smartphones and tablets than from stationary devices? In order to provide mobile services, it is often necessary for financial institutions to introduce modern architectures and approaches. In doing so, they are building and networking the next generation of IT systems. If you too wish to tackle this issue, our experts will guide you through the process.

  • Here at adesso, we have more than 100 experts who specialise in mobile assignments – you can benefit from their expertise in the areas of technology, applications and business.
  • Our Competence Center for innovative technologies (including the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence and virtual reality) is working on new technologies for you.
  • You can rely on us and our practical experience with all of the key mobile technologies and products, such as infrastructures, mobile platforms, security, development platforms and backend interfaces.

Our methodology toolbox ensures that you will meet your goals quickly and effectively. These methodologies include structured strategy and planning workshops as well as agile and certified methodologies for project planning, implementation and operations.

Automate the marketing for all of the campaigns you organise, including the steps of preparation, deployment, rollout, distribution and implementation. Our VeriTouch solution is based on the market-leading CRM system Microsoft Dynamics 365. To complement the system’s powerful standard functions, we have added a comprehensive banking data model, as well as corresponding functions and processes for sales, marketing and customer service. You can benefit from:

  • Its large range of functions that come as standard and its compatibility with further updates
  • The highest possible level of operating flexibility – as a German-hosted cloud computing solution, an on-premises installation or a hybrid system
  • Seamless integration with all Microsoft solutions, which increases the productivity of your sales, marketing and customer service employees
  • The security of investment offered by combining services from Microsoft and adesso

This 360-degree view of your customers allows you to obtain a consolidated overview of all of the financial products that each customer purchases. At a glance, you will be able to identify opportunities for cross-selling and generating new business.

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