Technologies, concepts and opportunities

For decades adesso has been in close contact with financial institutes of all sizes. Our experts understand how to develop new processes, solutions and services out of technology and sector expertise. In course of time we developed methods for hot topics which support you in reaching your goals quickly and safely.

Cooperation in the digital age

Banks work in interdisciplinarily and internationally dispersed teams. In the digital age this kind of operation demands a collaboration plattform that adapts to the needs of every employee. You, as IT responsible person, have to fulfill the needs of different working styles, User Experience and data protection as well as security.

Our Microsoft SharePoint strategy enables you to share information any time, anywhere and on every device within the company and with partners. The User Experience of the digital workplace is in the centre of attention.

In the conception adesso analyses the initial situation and goals, extracts a Fit/Gab and suggests measures for a roadmap considering economic efficiency. In detail:

  • Technical, professional and economic analysis of current SharePoint platform
  • Creation of vision, goal and success factors of the SharePoint strategy
  • Deriving of services and assessment of implementation options
  • Testing of migration options including Cloud-Readyness-Check per service
  • Technical and economical assessment of migration scenarios
  • Comprehensive TCO assessment for each measure including all alternatives
  • Summary of all results in a roadmap with aceptance and change management

Lean project by focussing on the basics

The Interaction Room is a project method which enables targeted communication between professional and IT experts. It reduces complexity by focussing on the essential aspects and with this leads to lean projects.

Our specially trained IR-coaches control communication and make sure that project members understand each other. The Interaction Room is an innovative approach to reliably identify values, cost drivers and risks of a project. With help of our annotations and canvases, we use scientifically obtained and at the same time field-tested instruments.

Advantages of the Interaction Room:

  • Structured discussions of complex issues
  • Common understanding of all stakeholders
  • Attuned and assessed requirements of a project

Read more about the Interaction Room.

Big Data for risk management of Investment Banking

For you as financial services company it is important to have a holisitc view on your risks. More enterprise data warehouses, data marts or different data silos, which are not interconnected complicate an efficient risk control. Big Data concepts are able to support you to manage your risk.

Risk assessment - for example Value at Risk (VaR) - affects different key indicators, depending on the sphere of risk (market risk, counterparty risk, operational risk oder system risk). From this result typical Big Data topics: Systems, which calculate and report such risk key figures have to deal with large amounts of data (volume) and must use current market and trade data that change continuously (velocity). The data have to be analysed and grouped on basis of different aspects to produce the right reports.

Advantages of our Big Data approach:

  • Real-time data, decisions and customer feedback
  • Predictive models for forecasts including validation (back and forward testing)
  • Dashboards and reporting for result processing
  • Generating of as many scenarios as possible while using mathematical algorithms (Monte Carlo Simulation)
  • Assessment of trades or businesses , for example with Black and Scholes Model for prices of transactions (trades)
  • Aggregation of risk exposition of single trades on several hierarchy level (portfolio, netting set)
  • Reporting of results, for different stakeholders, according to variable criteria

Our experts support you to choose the right Big Data scenario.

Consider business intelligence holistically

Data become a raw material, especially for the creation of a sustainable customer relationship. At the same time, your bank must ensure high data quality and transparency as well as security. Because increasing digitalisation, regulatory changes and stricter compliance guidelines place extensive demands on your business intelligence systems and data households.

adesso offers specialist, business intelligence and IT specialists from a single source. This combination allows us to guide you throughout the lifecycle of a Business Intelligence or Business Analytics (BIA) project:

  • Impact & Delta Analyses, Assessments, Conceptual Support - both professional and technical
  • Data Management (Data Integration, Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data Federation, Data Lineage, Data Virtualization, Big Data)
  • Data Visualization (analytics and their visualization)
  • Data Science
  • Technical architecture and operation based on leading technology stacks.

The benefits of working with adesso:

  • Risk Reduction: Bank/ Business Intelligence / IT Specialists from a single source
  • Security: extensive industry, expert and technology knowledge of the adesso experts
  • Cost Efficiency: integration of adesso SmartShore elements

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