Artificial intelligence broadens perspectives

From chatbots to natural language processing and other innovative banking solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the hot topic of the moment. Whether we’re talking about automation (robotics), improved services, precise data prognoses in connection with Big Data or faster decision-making, AI provides the banking sector with many different approaches.


Banks are currently under more pressure than ever before – from low interest rates, digitalisation or extensive regulatory requirements. AI is a crucial solution to these challenges. Integrating it into your systems provides you with unprecedented possibilities for improvement and increased efficiency.

More specifically, AI can reduce repetitive, manual tasks, analyse large databases and employ pattern recognition as well as provide assistance during the consulting process (so-called robo-advising).

Our technical and AI specialists offer you a one-stop service providing you with comprehensive support in these areas. Our AI Competence Centre, located in Karlsruhe, Germany, supports banks across the entire life cycle of their AI projects.

An overview of our services
  • Support during development of AI strategy and scoping
  • Comprehensive AI enablement and coaching
  • Support with identifying use cases and determining AI potential
  • Determining technical viability using minimum viable product (MVP) development
  • Support during selection of suitable AI methods and technology
  • Specialist, technical concept development and architecture
  • AI design and engineering
  • AI modelling and integration
  • Application management

New perspective in processes and products

Artificial intelligence influences the banking business at every level. It creates new ways of shaping processes, tasks and analyses. These use cases demonstrate how artificial intelligence has already become a reality for many companies in the automotive industry.


Our objective is to show you how AI can provide you with viable, forward-looking solutions to meet your needs. The advantages are obvious:

  • Reduced risk thanks to our comprehensive AI expertise and proven track record in introducing AI solutions.
  • Our tried-and-tested methods and experienced AI team guarantee high efficiency.
  • Our deep knowledge of AI gives you security.
  • Our comprehensive partnerships ensure innovation and future stability.
adesso offers you technology-neutral advice and maintains partnerships with leading AI technology providers.

Do you have any questions?

If you’d like to discuss the potential that could be unlocked in your bank by introducing AI, please do get in touch. We look forward to meeting you at your site in person.

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