Byinsurance-specific and cross-industry solutions

Our solutions for insurers’ processes

Our insurance-specific products for insurance classes in the private and commercial sector range from inventory management, to claims/benefits management, to specialised solutions for life insurance.

Plus, we also offer cross-industry products that can be seamlessly integrated into your IT landscape. We always use the very latest technology in our products, while our project strategy ensures they remain at the cutting edge in the long term. In addition, we maintain a number of partnerships with well-known technology partners to ensure we can offer you the best solution for your company specific situation, independent of the manufacturer.

Insurance-specific products

in|sure is a complete interdisciplinary IT solution for insurance operations that provides optimal support for all of your insurance company’s business transactions using modern (web) technologies.

Our insurance software is component-based, which means that each component can be used individually or as complete package. With in|sure, we cover the following core systems for insurers:

  • General policy: Inventory management system for SHUK and commercial divisions
  • General claims: Claims management system for SHUK and commercial divisions
  • Health policy: Inventory management system for private health insurance companies
  • Health claims: Benefits management system – including maintenance – for private health insurance companies
  • PSLife: Contract management and benefit system for all life insurance products and business transactions
  • Partner: Partner management system to provide a comprehensive view of customers
  • Product manager: Flexible product modelling system to simplify service through the specialist department
  • Commission: Provision system to provide a comprehensive representation of sales remuneration processes

MIGSuite is a system used to migrate complex specialist data. With MIGSuite, we guarantee to replace your outdated systems and databases and to migrate your data seamlessly to the new system. Your employees can continue working as usual while we take care of everything else: securing your data, transforming it for the new environment and migrating it to the target system. Once the migration is complete, you can flip the switch to start the new system yourself without losing any data.

Functions at a glance:

  • MIGTools: Tool used to generate the access layer using the source system and the target system structures
  • MIGImport: Framework used to make the source system data sets available in the memory
  • MIGPool: Web application used to retrieve information from the source system data sets via search functions
  • Memory: Central memory of the MIGSuite on which the source system data sets, transformation results, controlling values and migration objects (depending on the source system data set imported) are stored.
  • MIGTransform: Framework used to support the migration algorithm that is responsible for transforming the imported source system data sets into the target system structure, transferring the transformation results into the target systems, for connecting the interface systems and validating the control values.
  • MIGControl: Element used to manage the entire migration process

in|RELATION is customer relationship management (CRM) tool that manages your sales and marketing activities and monitors them through effective controlling. You can choose between the standard software programs Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce as the technology platform.

Using the world’s leading CRM platforms as a template, we have added specific businesses processes and content for insurance sales to the standard sales and marketing functions. This enables you to establish and develop your relationships with direct and indirect business partners quickly and transparently in a comprehensive and targeted way.

Heuristic Claims Management (HCM) is a system for digitalising and structuring paper-based business procedures. It takes existing, unstructured information, such as letters, e-mails and faxes, and applies rule-based and machine-learning processes to create a document classification. HCM then extracts the data relevant for continued use in backend systems. The automated process significantly increases the black-box processing rate in your company, allowing the freed-up capacities to be used in other ways.

drebis is a software program used to exchange data and information between lawyers and insurance companies. It enables you to receive defined and structured data from lawyers that is suitable for automated further processing. Communication between insurers and lawyers is simplified and claims reporting, as well as underwriting decisions, can be processed quicker.

Cross-industry products

By using FirstSpirit, our user-friendly content management system (CMS) as a digital experience platform, you can implement your digital marketing strategies efficiently. The solution speeds up the time-to-market strategy of your product and brand communication and reduces the strain on your editors and developers with time-saving operating and personalisation concepts.

Be it for websites, mobile applications, online shops, apps, digital signage/IoT, portals, intranets or extranets, FirstSpirit allows you to create and maintain company-wide content and personalised customer experiences across all channels.

The benefits of FirstSpirit at a glance:

  • Global user experience
  • Globalisation and multiple languages
  • Responsive online presence
  • Dynamism and stability
  • Compliance

adesso transformer is a solution for the automated modernisation of software systems. It automatically converts applications written in old programming languages into Java code.

Using adesso transformer offers you the following benefits:

  • The transformed code is easy to read and maintain
  • A code freeze is not required
  • Time-consuming dual development in the old and new systems is avoided
  • No adesso transformer licence costs

Alongside the use of the adesso transformer, we also offer a comprehensive consultancy and solution portfolio and provide you with support during the preliminary analysis, design and implementation of modernisation projects.

haupia is a smart software solution used to personalise search functions as well as provide recommendations on corporate websites, in customer portals, in news forums or on social media. It allows you to easily analyse and influence visitor behaviour on your company’s webpages in a targeted way. The integration of haupia enables relevant content, such as articles, images or video from various different internal and external data sources, to appear or play automatically.

haupia has been a new, important component of the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform since 1 May 2018.

The key features at a glance:

  • Ranking management
  • Content and behaviour-based recommendations as well as personalised recommendations
  • Editor cockpit
  • Data canalisation
  • Synonyms
  • Autocorrect
  • Search-as-you-type search function
  • Autocomplete
  • Filters and facets
  • Multi-language detection
  • Personas
  • Rights
  • Real-time analysis
  • Scalability
  • Multi-channel capability

com2m offers software solutions in the future markets of the Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine communication and Industry 4.0. Using IoT solutions means machines, appliances and devices transmit data to an IoT platform in real time.

We offer the following services in this area:

  • The provision of an IoT platform to develop individual IoT solutions efficiently
  • Development and consultation services in the area of IoT (on the IoT platform)
  • Consultancy in digitalisation

in|FLUX is an IT solution from adesso that digitalises horizontal specialist processes within the insurance industry. Although several vertical clerical processing procedures have already been optimally mapped in IT systems within the insurance industry, the majority of the more complex specialist processes are not sufficiently digitalised. In particular, this impacts horizontal business processes in which specialists working in different IT systems or different companies need to cooperate.

adesso offers products, consultancy, development and implementation all from a single source. This involves:

  • The analysis of the business processes that have yet to be optimally digitalised
  • The definition and optimisation of digitalised processes using BPMN
  • A measurement of the processes
  • The implementation of fast prototypes (~ 20–30 man-days)
  • A gradual, agile introduction into the in|FLUX solution
  • The implementation of the overall system
  • Training courses for users and business analysts


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