The cloud is here

The right cloud strategy for your digital transformation

The route to the cloud

Speed and time-to-market are the primary goals lining the route to the cloud. The issue has long since been a factor in the insurance industry. Legal and security-related concerns have been eliminated in recent years by lawmakers or by a modified offer from cloud providers. A cloud strategy suitable for your company is needed to address this issue. This requires you to meet the requirements of organisations and processes, to select the appropriate provider and to define areas of responsibility and a roadmap. adesso supports you in all phases of the transformation.

We support you

  • in the creation of a cloud vision and strategy
  • in the form of a ‘Cloud Readiness’ workshop
  • in the introduction to rights, security and compliance
  • in the development of a cloud program management

We support you

  • in the development of a business case
  • in the analysis of the IT landscape and the existing roadmap
  • in the design of a migration strategy

We support you

  • in the development of a cloud infrastructure
  • in migration planning and implementation
  • in the creation of a cloud-ready architecture and the appropriate functions
  • in the development of the cloud-enabled environments
  • in the assessment of legal compliance

We support you

  • in change management
  • in operation and support
  • in acquiring certification for ISO27001, ISO9001 and ITIL V4
3. Tailored approach 4. Next steps 2. Change management 1. Approach and analysis

Approach and analysis

  • Identification of providers suitable for multi-cloud
  • Hybrid approaches (data centre vs. cloud provider)/(legacy provider vs. cloud provider)
  • Business continuity management
  • Prioritisation (costs, time, methods)

Change management

  • Comparison of existing skills and requirements for future ones
  • New job directions
  • Training and qualification measures
  • Human resources integration

Tailored approach

  • Outline of the system and function landscape
  • Formulation of migration criteria
  • Design and testing of a solution model
  • Identification of education and training measures

Next steps

  • Definition of success criteria
  • Approach
  • Roadmap

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