Boost your automation potential with the help of AI

Make the most of your data's potentia

The rise of digitalisation has brought with it an increase in the volume and complexity of the data we use. Businesses often lack the expertise required to identify and implement the right data analytics approach for this mass of data. How can we make meaningful use of the available information?

Using artificial intelligence (AI) provides targeted assistance to the insurance sector, particularly in the areas of efficiency and customer retention. The potential offered by an AI system can only be fully exploited, however, if the AI in question is properly modelled – using all customer information held by the insurance firm and all products offered. Ultimately, it is in fact information management that decides the quality of the results that an AI system delivers in the insurance sector.

Our IR:analytics workshop

To assist you with this challenge, we offer an AI version of the Interaction Room in a two-day IR:analytics workshop.

Our experts will help you to identify use cases for automating your existing processes, find potential for optimisation using existing data, and create a goal-oriented roadmap for implementing the use cases found.

The approach

  • The target projects are identified with the help of an attendee questionnaire.
  • The corresponding methodological components for IR:analytics are determined based on the objectives.
  • A joint and final decision is made regarding the relevant stakeholders and how the workshop is to be held.

The result

  • A shared understanding and the agreement of all stakeholders on what has been learned.
  • Identification, concretisation and evaluation of use cases in the desired order of implementation.
  • Inspection and validation of all data required.
  • Development of an analytical implementation plan.

Together with you, we then define the next steps and present you with a series of personalised options for implementation. This could include defining a data product, for example, followed by a functional prototype.

Do you have any questions?

There is no website or brochure which can replace a personal meeting to talk about your goals and topics. We are looking forward to an appointment on site.


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