Digital customer contact during the corona crisis

Digital customer contact

Insurance companies thrive on contact with customers. This can take the form of personal conversations to determine individual needs, exchange by means of sponsoring the local sports club or signing a contract in the office of the agent (exclusive insurance agent and broker). Due to the severity of the corona pandemic and the cessation of economic and social life, the familiar channels of communication are receding into the background, or to put it bluntly: Without an appointment, there is no sale.

People are placing themselves in self-isolation and social life is limited to a minimum. Stores need to close, existing contracts are being cancelled or deferred and personal consultations and sales appointments are no longer being carried out. The economy and the stock markets are suffering, and the media is not reporting on any other topics. It’s also impossible to predict how long this situation will last.

This is why now is the time to approach customers digitally, as people have more time and are becoming more open to digital services. Insurers and agents that offer simple digital solutions now have a clear competitive advantage. The longer this pandemic lasts, the more profound the changes in society and media use will be.

Together with our partners pbm and .dotkomm, we have put together a ‘digital sales fit’ modular package in order to counter the effects of the current crisis in a decisive manner.

Online video sales: training and coaching

Video consultations during the corona crisis are facilitating a new proximity to the customer in order to design the application process together with them or to have a look at their insurance plans. Depending on the tool used, a variety of functions are possible (parallel view of documents, data exchange), which makes communication even more professional, provided that they are transparent for the user.

We are here to provide you with prompt support in selecting and using the right video solution!
  • Tool selection for video sales
  • Practical and proven training concept
  • Webinar training of agents with a comprehensive four-week programme
  • In-depth coaching of interested agents via video

TrustITBox: secure communication and digital closure

Although customers want to communicate in a timely and simple manner, as with WhatsApp, the GDPR has set high requirements for data exchange. For example, if requests are filled out digitally together with the agent, it is expected that the customer will also be able to sign them digitally and directly.

We are here to promptly support you with a solution for simple and data-protection-compliant information and document exchange (including signature solution).
  • Ready-made SaaS solution that is ready to use
  • GDPR-compliant with inSign/digital signature
  • Immediate TrustITBox setup
  • Training on TrustITBox usage

Content and marketing set

The customer needs to be certain that their company is accessible during the corona crisis and that its operation is modern and reliable, even now. The focus is on centralised messages and stories that are available to customers or interested parties. The agent is actively encouraged to use the digital approach.

We are here to promptly support you with a ready-made content and marketing kit, which allows you to reach your customers in a target-group-specific manner.
  • Content packages and a marketing concept for agents that are aimed at the customer
  • Video and signature solution marketing aimed at the agent
  • Content page teaser
  • Texts for social media marketing

Quick win campaigns for existing customers

If you’re looking to achieve new business in the current climate, great potential can be found in your own portfolio. At the same time, it is important to keep existing contracts and to prevent deferrals and cancellations. With the use of personalised campaigns ranging from letters, to landing pages, to online contracts, you support the agent in addressing the customer, while also managing to broadly address direct customers.

In addition to product sales and customer loyalty, we also focus on introducing digitalisation with video sales, electronic communication, customer portal and opt-in generation.

We are here to provide you with prompt support in selecting and formulating suitable target-group-oriented campaigns and advise you in selecting communication channels.
  • Fast campaigns designed to enhance your premium contributions portfolio
  • Complete media sets can be used
  • Explaining digital consultancy

Expansion stage: Interaction Room | Workshop packages

Once the corona crisis has ended and day-to-day life returns to normal, the positive experiences in digital communication will be consolidated and expanded. New processes will be integrated into the digital interface between the insurer, agent and customer. Digital exchange will become more normal across all target groups.

We are here to provide methodical support in the structured selection and prioritisation of the following steps and evaluate the experiences from the crisis together with our Interaction Room.
  • Preparation of (further) technical integration
  • Expansion of application possibilities
  • Further development of the range of functions

What we can offer you

Together with our partners pbm and .dotkomm, adesso is here to support you with standard tools and concepts which are adapted to your needs. A project can be started within just 48 hours

Become ‘digital sales fit’ with us!

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