Digital design

The core area of expertise that ensures software development is a success

Digital designers make the opportunities afforded by the digital transformation easy to grasp

Don’t look at the digital transformation as a challenge or as a threat of ‘having to do something’; instead, take advantage of the ideas and synergies that it unlocks and use these to the benefit of your company.

Digital designers help you with this as their role is to significantly reduce the level of complexity that digitalisation projects bring with them. They are responsible for designing digitalisation solutions, which they then use to identify tasks. In a manner of speaking, digital design is a new profession for digitalisation.

Digital designers are just as vital to digitalisation projects as architects are to the building industry.
Dr Kim Lauenroth, Chief Requirements Engineer/Head of Competence Centre, adesso AG

Our digital designers make projects successful

adesso is a pioneer in the realm of digital design and co-author of the ‘Digital Design Manifesto’ [in German]). Our digital designers are at your disposal during your IT projects, in which they take on a formative leading role and are the specialists for any design questions either the customer or the developer may have.

For a fixed price, we can also provide you with concept creation projects for digital solutions in which our experts develop specific ideas for potential digitalisation solutions based on your requirements.

Do you have any questions?

There is no website or brochure which can replace a personal meeting to talk about your goals and topics. We are looking forward to an appointment on site.

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