Augmented reality in the insurance industry

A technology with potential for both insurers and policy holders

Augmented reality opens up new possibilities

Whether it’s sales, contract management, claims processing, customer communication, remote consultation or training courses – augmented reality (AR) offers numerous entry points for insurers. The advantages of using augmented reality are obvious:

  • AR improves effectiveness as well as efficiency and promotes a high degree of creativity.
  • Your employees are not bound to having customer conversations or internal meetings in a certain location.
  • Your company can offer them options for working from home,
  • reducing their physical complaints such as those caused by screen work.

The smartphone is indispensable for today’s generation; augmented reality is the technology of the next one. That’s why now is the perfect time to take advantage of the opportunities offered by AR technology. Kickstart your virtual future today!

#1adesso – the experts for your augmented reality project

Our digital designers, who specialise in augmented reality technology, are on hand during your development projects to present, discuss and implement your augmented reality solutions.

If you wish, adesso can also offer you projects to create concepts for digitalisation solutions for a fixed price. As part of this, we develop and validate specific, custom solutions based on your requirements.

We are more than happy to bring the third dimension to your company: arrange an appointment with us at your site today and get a picture of applications that are so lifelike that they will expand your reality.

#2Clerical processing in augmented reality with the Microsoft HoloLens

Augmented reality allows clerical processing to be designed in a way that is more manageable, more comfortable and more efficient. The clerk no longer requires a computer to process claims and can work anywhere thanks to the AR glasses.

#3Insurance out in the field with augmented reality

AR isn’t just the future of clerical processing; it also simplifies the communication between policy holder and insurer. AR technology in smartphones enables you to digitally scan your contract documents and receive additional information about potential insurance objects, as well as the options available to you in terms of insuring them. You can even process a claim from the comfort of your car via smartphone!

Take a look at the attached video to get broader view of our applications.

Study – ‘The potential of augmented reality technology in the insurance industry’

Do you find yourself constantly wondering whether augmented reality has the potential to redefine the insurance workstation? Please feel free to participate in our scientific study and carry out pioneering work with us for the future. The questionnaire only takes five to ten minutes to complete (in German).

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