Customer and supplier relations

The effective way to connect people, machines and products

Optimise your processes and services through digitalisation and automation, and increase customer satisfaction. The digital transformation offers you a range of opportunities to effectively connect people, machines and products.


Effective sales and marketing solutions are key to retaining your competitive edge – and leaving the competition in the dust. By using innovative technologies, you can respond quickly to changes on the market, increase your visibility and perfectly position your products.

Retail is guiding the way in e-commerce: Generate high revenues through online sales. Digital sales and communication channels are becoming increasingly important for manufacturing companies, too, whether they’re looking to enter new or previously unexplored customer groups or aiming to digitalise their sales processes. Many manufacturing companies have discovered the benefits of online purchasing and sales, however there is still work to be done in this area.

adesso implements the custom solutions you need to optimise your presence on the market. These will help you to achieve outstanding market experiences via a range of communication channels and reach customers all across the world.

Thanks to our industry experience, combined with our deep understanding of the relevant processes in the service, sales and e-commerce areas, we have already implemented numerous projects successfully. We offer you intelligent e-commerce solutions and make sure that you’re at the top of your game in the field of online sales.


Manufacturing companies need to consider using e-commerce platforms to replace the old paper-based purchasing and procurement process.

By implementing digital sales and revenue processes, you can optimise your entire purchasing workflow, maintain a complete overview of all contracts in contract management and save money in the purchasing process through market analysis and monitoring.

We use our expertise in the areas of business intelligence (BI), business analytics (BA) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help you optimise and automate your purchasing and procurement processes.


Customer communication doesn’t end with the purchase of a particular product. Turn satisfied customers into loyal customers by maintaining contact with them throughout the entire lifecycle of your products.

Turn after-sales service into one of your best qualities, one which speaks for you as manufacturer, and accompany your customers all the way through to the maintenance and repair processes, if needed. By maintaining this type of connection to your customers, you can increase your revenue for spare parts or certain services, such as maintenance and repair. Implement a custom service platform to ensure long-term customer contact while at the same time boosting sales through targeted marketing campaigns.

We provide you with custom solutions for your service platform. Take advantage of our technological expertise in the areas of e-commerce, Internet of Things (IoT), business intelligence (BI), business analytics (BA) and artificial intelligence (AI).


In digitalised companies, training courses of all kinds should include content tailored to all different types of digital devices, and if possible, include augmented or virtual reality features.

In addition, it can be effective to provide all participants with individualised training levels and observe the relevant international guidelines.

Our experts help you throughout the entire process, from minimising training costs to ensuring a continuous quality process and implementing new forms of supervision. We have the experience and the industry expertise to provide you with the custom solutions you need.

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