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The widely adopted and popular IaaC tool Terraform has recently got some new and exciting features in version 1.5 regarding importing resources. Explore the enhanced resource importing features, such as the new config-driven approach that simplifies the integration of existing resources into your Terraform codebase.

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21.09.2023 By Kristóf Nyári

Enhancing SDLC Automation via GitHub Actions

Picture Kristóf Nyári

Efficiency and automation have emerged as the secrets to success in the constantly changing world of software development. The era of manual code deployments, time-consuming testing procedures, and monotonous development activities is quickly passing away. Instead, a new era is beginning, one that is propelled by strong tools and procedures that shorten the development lifecycle and enable developers to concentrate on what they do best—create excellent software.

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For those in the world of DevOps and IT, Terraform is a familiar tool that simplifies the process of deploying, modifying, and overseeing both on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure. Acting as an Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) solution, Terraform lets us define the desired infrastructure we want using the human-readable HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL). These configuration files can be easily shared, versioned, and reused, boosting team productivity.

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