Car to X

Cars, networking and business models

Develop your vehicles as the basis for a comprehensive mobility concept. So you will be able to provide new offerings as well as services and reach new target groups in the future.

Using new technology to develop new business models

When it comes to mobility, your customers are setting a new direction. There is demand for an increase in networking and integration. The digital components of your services are increasingly becoming the decisive factor for how well-received your services are. In many areas, this development is still in its infancy. Currently, customer expectations are being determined and marketing claims are being defined. Now is the time to lay foundations for the digital future.

When it comes to cars and transportation, fresh thinking is needed. The car is increasingly being considered from the vantage point of a mobile device. When viewed in this way, the car can provide a communication platform while also supplying data for a telematics ecosystem. Alternatively, mobility services can be developed around the car which allow the customer intermodal transportation and flexibility. The range of options that these developments make available to you is practically boundless. If you wish to use new technology to develop new business models, our experts are the perfect partners for you. We work with you to develop ways of responding to the growing demand for customised services and new mobility concepts for the automotive industry.

Choose a proficient partner for new developments

Handling these digital issues in the right way requires specialist, technical and methodological expertise. Through their involvement in numerous projects, our experts have amassed experience in these areas. On the one hand, we know the ins and outs of the automotive industry – well-known suppliers are already relying on our expertise. On the other hand, we also introduce your projects to inspiration from other sectors.

At the same time, as an independent IT service provider, we have a passion for technology. Our expertise includes cloud-based services, scalability, high availability, reliability, monitoring large environments, agile development methods and modern software architecture approaches, such as microservices. As well as mastering these areas of technology, we also know how they can be implemented within corporate structures. Having our experts in your team enables you to maintain an overview of the current situation, which is currently in a state of flux. We partner with you to build a future-proof platform for your digital services.

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